The legislature may have adjourned Sine Die back on June 1, but the impact of the 84th Regular Session is yet to be fully realized. September 1 (yesterday) was the first day a vast array of new laws took effect. Absent a supermajority (two thirds) vote, at least 90 days must lapse between a bill’s final passage and the new law’s effective date. Although 92 days passed between Sine Die and September 1, the Legislature has taken to making the first of September the uniform effective date for those bills that do not receive supermajority passage. This just makes things easier on the public.

So what do we have to look forward to now? Certain patients may possess small quantities of marijuana for medicinal usage. High school seniors who fail their exit exams will be allowed to graduate by completing extra-credit work. State agencies must now verify immigration and employment eligibility status of new hires. Juries no longer follow the “key man” system of selection, which is good news and bad news. (The key man system—in which the jury pool is individually selected—was an outdated and troublesome practice, but now each of us is more likely to get called upon for jury duty.)  I’m personally excited to say that the “professionals tax,” a $200 annual fee on attorneys, doctors, and engineers, has been eliminated.

How do these new laws affect you and your business? It never hurts to ask. The Hernandez Law Firm remains constantly engaged in the legislative and regulatory process and we are here to answer your questions.