Election and Campaign Finance Law:

The First Amendment provides:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Despite this, “no law” has given way to a vast framework of state and federal statutes regulating the freedom of speech, association, and petitioning the government. These requirements vary substantially on both the State and Federal level making compliance a complicated affair. Seemingly minute-missteps can quickly turn out to be serious campaign issues.

Candidates and PACs need knowledgeable representation. Our office provides experienced campaign advisors and PAC compliance-experts, with one goal in mind: keep our clients out of hot water.

Ethics Law:

Governmental affairs professionals are routinely confronted by a complex set of ethics laws which limit what they may do and how it must be reported. Compliance is far from simple, demanding large temporal and resource expenditures best spent on the job at hand. Our firm works with clients to provide sound counsel on ethics issues and ensure seamless compliance.

Legislative Law and Parliamentary Compliance:

The Texas Legislature meets regularly for just five months every two years, and yet it is during that brief time when most of the state’s legislation is passed. This short period is rife with tight deadlines, quick maneuvers, and a high-stakes/high-stress environment affording participants little room for error. Savvy clients know that accomplishing goals come sine day means getting a headstart long before the gavel strikes commencing session in January. Our firm provides our clients with support consultants who ensure they enter the legislative session with a game plan, and perform that plan without error. Where a quick response is required, our firm if flexible and fast-acting. Our clients enjoy our support in developing, drafting, and passing legislation on one hand, and attacking legislative hurdles on the other. We help make the winding road to legislative success a straight line.

Parliamentary Rules and Procedure:

Perhaps our greatest strength in the legislative process at The Hernandez Law Firm is our elite knowledge of Parliamentary Rules and Procedure. Minor defects in the process can derail even the most popular legislation. We ensure that these procedural defects do not arise for client supported legislation, and if they do, our firm develops strategies to resolve them before any harm is done. Similarly, we are adept at identifying these procedural defects in legislation our opponents oppose.

Administrative Law:

The Texas Administrative Code is over 31,000 pages long. These expansive regulations implement state statutes and can prove extraordinarily difficult for the public to navigate. From neurosurgeons to landscape architects, all need to be aware of the regulations that affect them and their livelihoods. The Hernandez Law Firm has more than a decade working in regulatory affairs to serve clients’ needs. Whether a client needs assistance with regulatory compliance, responding to an adverse action, or changing the regulations themselves, we are here to help.

Business Law:

Businesses, regardless of their size or the stage they are in, need knowledgeable counsel to guide their efforts, mitigate risks and prepare for expansion and growth. Our firm provides transactional, strategy, and compliance support to our clients so they can focus on their livelihoods.

Public Information Law:

Whether a business or an individual, the protection of proprietary information is foremost in protecting sensitive information, and uncovering the competition’s. If you have done business with any governmental entity, your proprietary information must be diligently protected from public disclosure. Our firm boasts experienced counsel, working with clients to protect their trade secrets.