The Louisiana Legislature will begin its 2019 legislative session on Monday, April 8, 2019. The 2019 legislative session is a limited purpose session lasting just 45 legislative days over the course of 60 calendar days. Matters considered during the limited purpose session include (1) fiscal matters and (2) local or special laws.

The limited purpose restrictions do not apply to bills pre-filed by members before the legislature gavels in. Each member is limited to five bills that they may pre-file, so if you hope for legislation to be enacted, its best to make sure it has been filed or is filed soon. So far, 580 House Bills and 221 Senate Bills have been filed. You can find them here (

Peculiarly, HB 1 has not yet been filed. HB 1 is the general appropriations act and one of the primary purposes for the legislative session. It is yet to be seen when the budget will be released.